Our Love Story

Our Love Story

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” James 1:17

Sometime last November, Greg and I were introduced at a bible study that turned into a game night. As chance would have it, [or providence] Greg and I were put on the same team in a game of dutch blitz.

It was nice to find a community of such kind God-fearing college folks; I was quite impressed with the Faith group, and I left with a feeling of elation. I was looking forwards to my next get-together with that particular crowd, as good Christian groups are a very rare find. [This, unfortunately for Greg, is what was foremost in my mind when I left that evening].

In the telling of this story I feel it is important for you to understand where I was emotionally in this stage of my life. Most of my friends had, at this point, gotten married, and I was in that awkward phase of being in a different place than most of my peers. I was finishing up my degree while most girls I knew who were my age, were either getting married, or were busy with their own children. [not complaining here] I had wanted to be in a relationship but had been disappointed multiple times and had determined that I wasn’t going to be in one until I was 30 or 40. So, in the meantime, I poured all of my focus into my schoolwork and on finding a good, *career-oriented* job.

During this season of my life I was also focusing my energy on my church, I had worked as the summer intern, and was also a member of the church choir for a while. Amid this period of time, I searched out scripture, and sought the Lords’ will for my life. However, I would also describe this time as a period of trial when I was quite depressed and very lonely. [which would have shocked anyone who knew me] But even in this time of difficulty I felt Gods’ presence in my life, I had no direction but the one that he laid out for me. The desire to be in a deep, Christ-centered relationship was still there, but I wasn’t willing to put myself out there. I clammed up, and wouldn’t let any guy close enough to get to know me. But, saying all of that my first impression of Greg was that he was a cool fella and I was struck by his calm demeanor and attentiveness towards me. Once our game of Dutch Blitz ended however, I went home and thought “well, that’s that.” [in regards to Greg]. I felt that I had successfully sent him packing by being somewhat aloof and making sure that he didn’t read into anything I said or did.

[Skip ahead a week or two]

It is Halloween/Reformation Day 2012 and my brother and his lovely wife Rachael were having a party at their house. I was invited of course, but I also needed to study. So I opted out of the party because I wanted to get some studying done that night.

Greg it seems, had an agenda of his own.

When I didn’t show up for the party he, [according to Taylor, Greg’s roommate] “wasn’t too happy.” Greg has shared with me since then that he was feeling somewhat antsy because he had no way of getting to know me. [I wasn’t coming to very many Faith events] and when I was a no-show to the party, Greg resorted to facebook messaging. [I could tell he really hated asking me out via this method.] And who can blame him! My first thought was “who is this guy?….. oh wait, I played Dutch Blitz with him.” So, after careful consideration [and wanting to let him down easy] I typed out a response that went something like this:

Hey I’d love to get together if it’s a group lunch. You see, I’m very close to my Dad and he isn’t comfortable with me going anywhere alone with a guy that he hasn’t at least met or talked to. [Yea we’re a little old-fashioned.]  🙂

^ This was my subtle way of telling Greg that we do courtship in our family, not the dating scene. Dad and I have always had the understanding that I wouldn’t go out with anyone unless the guy had my Dads’ permission/approval first; and that certain precautions and boundaries were placed around our relationship. Those precautions involved having a chaperone at our dates, getting my Dads permission for said dates, etc.

I know, poor Greg right? Here was this single guy who’d been on his own for 10 years, and suddenly he has to get permission from the father to take his daughter out. #mindblown

My initial thought was that Greg was going to be just like most of the other guys that had shown interest in me… as soon as I tell him that he needed my Dads’ permission, he was going to run away, fast. I was so confident in my assumption that I didn’t even bother to tell my Dad to expect to hear from a guy named Greg. I had just assumed he wasn’t going to talk to my Dad. Because, in my experience, most guys that would tell me that he’d talk to my dad would never get around to it.

To my utter shock, Greg did in fact, call my Dad, and then had to stumble through a rather embarrassing phone call… embarrassing because I didn’t even bother to tell my Dad to expect a call. [boy was I wrong about Greg]

You would think that this would set Greg off and he would walk away and not look back.. at least, that’s what I thought would happen, but Greg persisted in texting me on a regular basis. He became xbox friends with my oldest brother, and even asked my best friend, Georgia, how I was feeling towards him. I was quite exasperated with him at times, and was somewhat relieved when I lost my phone for a few days! [desperate times call for desperate measures] Through all of this, Greg remained constant and patient while I tried to sort out my feelings.

On January 22nd Greg and I began to “unofficially” see each other. On Valentines Day Greg made me a bouquet of paper roses that he had cut out of  a book of love poems. Having no prior experience with relationships, I was quite stunned and more than a little impressed that he had taken such trouble with those. It was the first chink he made in my armour.

Gradually, Greg has won me over and all the time he has been a great protector, a protector of my virtue, my reputation, and my heart. I am so very humbled by his kindness towards me and his never-ending patience. [trust me, he needs lots of it]

The Lord has brought two unlikely souls together, bound them in His love, and showered us in His blessings. I have been favored beyond measure and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Greg. I am so very thankful for this Godly man who loves his family and seeks to do the will of our Father.