The Proposal

The Proposal

Earlier in the week Greg had wanted to go hiking/proposing on Saturday. [September 21] Those plans were canceled due to the thunderstorms that we got hit with on Saturday and Greg had to move his proposal to Sunday afternoon. [unbeknownst to me]

Greg had previously told me that his time frame was for January on the proposal end, so I wasn’t suspicious about him asking me to marry him. I had resigned myself to him NOT asking, and thought it was a good opportunity for me to learn patience and to enjoy the courtship stage of our relationship.

When I arrived at the trail, Greg was sitting on a bench, by himself. He told me his friends had bailed, [which had happened enough that I wasn’t suspicious] I happened to bring my Australian Shepherd GG along with us and as we walked I did most of the talking. While we walked I took a mental note that Greg wasn’t really saying much. Knowing that if there was something on his mind I just needed to be patient and wait. GG seemed to know something was up as well, because she was whining a lot while looking at me in a distressing way. I briefly wondered what was wrong with her, and I just assumed she was reacting to me in some way. We came to a part in the trail where there was a small clearing and, looking, I saw a tardis-blue item resting on a log.Tardis Diary

We made our way over and, picking up what appeared to be a book, I opened it to reveal the word “SPOILERS” My first thought was “oh my gosh! someones journal!” So I hurriedly shut the book and put it back on the log. [Greg was somewhat mortified methinks] and I explained, “It’s someones diary!” then Greg told me to open it again.. I opened it a second time and got a good look at the ring. Then I thought, “Someones proposing to someone here and we are going to ruin the surprise! We need to leave!” I turned around to tell Greg this bit of *insight* and he had already gotten down on one knee…. my reaction went something like this.


That’s when I looked back down at the book and saw the words:

To: Brianna

From: Greg

I looked back at Greg and he asked me if I would marry him. Upon hearing his request my first thought was, “it’s not January!” and, amidst my brain screaming at me that he had successfully pulled the wool over my eyes, and wanting to both smack him and hug him at the same time, I told him *as calmly as I possibly could at that moment* “yes”.

And of course he couldn’t contain his grin [I thought his face might split in two] and he grabbed me up in a big hug. [and it’s a good thing he did too because I don’t think I could have stood for much longer, my knees were shaking pretty badly. *it must have been the 80 degree weather* [hair toss].

I am so very thankful for this sweet and Godly man, he strives to serve and love me in ways that are both sincere and astonishing to me. He took that hard shell that I had covered my heart with, and has gently chipped away the pieces. When we first met, he saw a girl that was very closed off. He wanted to be the one to peel back those hard layers. I am so very thankful for that and for this Christ-centered relationship that the Lord has blessed me with.

I love you Greg.

~Your Favorite Girl,